Remembering Our History.

2018 Weeping Time


Friday, March 2 - Saturday, March 3, 2018

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Thank you for your interest in witnessing history! Please take a look at our location for the Commemoration, along with our listing of presenters and WHY we are commemorating this occasion.

The Location

Brock Elementary School
804 Stratford Street, Savannah, Georgia 31415


From there, to

The Georgia Historical Society Weeping Time Marker
A Park bounded by Augusta Avenue, Brittany Street and Dunn Street: West Savannah, Georgia

The Presenters & Guides

Dr. Kwesi DeGraft-Hanson  |  President: OCEANS, Inc.
Ms. Karen Wortham  |  Journey by Faith, Inc.
Ms. Christy Crisp + Lynette Stoudt  |  Georgia Historical Society
Dr. Otis Johnson  |  Former Mayor of Savannah
Ms. Selina Ruth-Gillans  |  Principal: Brock Elementary School
Ms. Jennifer Wright  |  Vice Principal: Brock Elementary School
Ms. Sharon Heidt  |  Teacher: Brock Elementary School
Dr. Griffin Lotson  |  Mayor Pro-Tem: Darien, Georgia
Ms. Pamela Oglesby + Bernetta Lanier  |  Ivory Bay CDC

This is an important event to remember…

Written by Dr. Kwesi DeGraft-Hanson

… first, because we need to honor those 429 men, women, boys, and girls (including babies), who were sold at the Weeping Time slave sale, for their legacies to posterity. Honoring our forebears re-ascribes esteem and dignity to us, descendants. African Americans, particularly, and all Americans, in general, can draw significant strength from the fortitude of those who were sold at the Weeping Time. Character, determination, spirit and love, are enduring legacies the former enslaved left all Americans.

…second, this is a pivotal part of American History. The Weeping Time slave sale exacerbated tensions between North and South, ultimately leading to the American Civil War, which finally led to Emancipation. Knowing our history, including the good and bad, helps guide our present, and future.

What it means to the community

The people of West Savannah are important Guardians of this vital, poignant American History enshrined in their community. The Weeping Time story showcases the resilience of their forebears, and, therefore, innate in themselves. Remembering this important event also provides opportunities to continually draw collective strength from this empowering history, and to socially and economically revitalize their community by, and facilitate, a perpetual re-telling of this significant American history.

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